Can SonarQube run arbitrary scripts against a repo and display output in a dashboard?

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  • version: latest stable
  • We are trying to automate the evaluation of Go, Python, etc. scripts that display to STDOUT different outputs depending on file or STDIN inputs. For various reasons, it’d be difficult to do this with unit testing. Can SonarQube handle reaching out to a script, a network location or repo of files, and running the script against the files, and then displaying output in a SonarQube dashboard? I’m not familiar enough with SQ to know if this may be stretching its limits.
  • We can do this manually, or even with automation, but without the nice SonarQube dashboard display integration

Thank you.

This does not sound like something in the scope of what SonarQube does, which is measure code quality and communicate actionable issues. It is not simply a place to collect and display data.