Can SonarCloud (not Qube!) work with AWS CodeCommit Repositories?

Hello !

I used SonarQube for years and don’t want to miss it. Few months ago i came into new project, where we do not have such tool yet.

I would like to set it up, and there is an easy way and alot of tutorials on how to set up SonarQube on AWS, just host a medium instance, put Software on it, install an Database, maybe connect with a Jenkins. I have no questions about that :slight_smile:

If i do it this way, i have to administrate the instance, make upgrades my self. This is when SonarCloud came in our mind, after configuration there should be no administration :slight_smile:

But we are using AWS-CodeComit. No gitHub, no Bitbucket, no Azure.

Is there a way to use SonarCloud with AWS codeCommit ? Without dirty hacks like “duplicate the code in github and use gitHub adapter” ?

If this question has been asked before, sorry, i did’t found that discussion.



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Hello! Thanks for the nice words about SonarQube :slight_smile:

For SonarCloud, it only connects to the ALM suites you mentioned. So you cannot use it with AWS CodeCommit unless you indeed do some dirty hacks.


I’ve been using SonarQube for years too, and I have the same scenario as Vilvaz. I’ll be very happy if we can use SonarCloud with the AWS CodeCommit. Is it possible to include in your roadmap?