Can SonarCloud (not Cube!) work with AWS CodeCommit Repositories?

(Vilkaz) #1

Hello !

I used SonarQube for years and don’t want to miss it. Few months ago i came into new project, where we do not have such tool yet.

I would like to set it up, and there is an easy way and alot of tutorials on how to set up SonarQube on AWS, just host a medium instance, put Software on it, install an Database, maybe connect with a Jenkins. I have no questions about that :slight_smile:

If i do it this way, i have to administrate the instance, make upgrades my self. This is when SonarCloud came in our mind, after configuration there should be no administration :slight_smile:

But we are using AWS-CodeComit. No gitHub, no Bitbucket, no Azure.

Is there a way to use SonarCloud with AWS codeCommit ? Without dirty hacks like “duplicate the code in github and use gitHub adapter” ?

If this question has been asked before, sorry, i did’t found that discussion.



(Fabrice Bellingard) #2

Hello! Thanks for the nice words about SonarQube :slight_smile:

For SonarCloud, it only connects to the ALM suites you mentioned. So you cannot use it with AWS CodeCommit unless you indeed do some dirty hacks.