Can not load plugins into Docker Image

Hello Everyone.

I am trying to migrate Sonarqube from 8.8.3 LTS server to 9.9.2 LTS on Docker.
The goal is to first migrate manually, then to write ansible playbooks to automate the deployment of sonarqube .
I have managed to migrate most of the current functionalities needed by my company to the new version, expect a few details that I am having a hard time with:

  1. Plugins : I have only four jar files i wanted to include in the Image via the COPY command of a Dockerfile :
COPY ./sonar-ansible-2.3.1.jar /opt/sonarqube/extensions

The issue is that it seems that nothing happens. I have crosschecked the version matrix to make sure that nothing is mismatched. The volume configuration is correct and I have tried many similar options such as copy in /opt/sonarqube/extensions/plugins but nothing seems to work.
On the logs nothing sticks out of the ordinary.

  1. Following the same fashion. Copying my custom sonar.propreties to the container does not seem to work as well.

I appreciate any time spent on my issue; Thank you.

Wish you a wonderful day


Welcome to the community!

I don’t understand why you need to automate this upgrade rather than just… performing it?

For the scripting itself, sorry but that’s a bit out of scope for us.


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Hello G Ann

Thank you for your reply and sorry for my late response.
I managed to copy my plugins directly into the volume rather then inside the Docker Image.
For the configuration part it is more so an automation tool for provisioning future instances of sonar if need be.

I will close my ticket since the primary goal is achieved.
Thank you for your time

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