Can not delete Project - timeout

Hi, I’m attempting to delete a project named “microservices” from organisation “yambay-tech”.

After clicking delete under “Administration” and confirming Delete in the pop-up “Are you sure you want to delete “microservices”?”, an icon spins and eventually times-out.

Please can this project be deleted for me?


Hi Brad!

Welcome on the community forum!

Project deletion is a slow operation on our side that take time and we are aware that it can reach WS timeout in some case, that something on our radar that we plan to fix at some point.

Could you check again if your project is still there or not ? If it’s finally deleted then all good.

Otherwise could you check if there is anything weird in your browser developer tools ? Error logs in the console ? Or networking error different than the timeout ?

Hello, I am evaluating SonarQube 8.2 and i’m running into the same issue. I’ve created 3 (large) projects, and now i want to clean up and delete 2 of them. I watch a spinning wheel for a while, and then it come right back to the “Delete Project” confirmation page and a red message that “request cannot be processed, try later”.
As a result, i seem to end up with a couple of empty projects. In the overview, i see this text “We initialized your project on SonarQube, now it’s up to you to launch analyses!”
Is this deletion still running in the background, or should i keep trying (I’ve already tried at least 5 times, each)