Can I configure a webhook for receiving events of a user logging in for the first time?

When a new user logs in, we’d like to get notified (eg. through an event or webhook) so we can automatically put that user in the correct group.

Hi @Jing and welcome to our community :slight_smile:
I don’t think we have such a feature right now. The integrated webhooks capabilities allow to notify when a project analysis is complete.

However I’m curious about why you’d need such a feature. Could you tell me a bit more to see if I can help? Could you also tell me with which DevOps platform you are connected to?


We want to automatically provision people to a certain team. Manual actions are not nice. We use GitHub.

Ok I see.
Have you tried to enable automatic synchronization of users your GitHub organisation and your SonarCloud organisation? see Managing Members | SonarCloud Docs

We’re already using that feature, it’s nice! On top of that, we would like to synchronize teams in GitHub to groups in SonarCloud. Is that possible?