Build-wrapper running in parallel

build-wrapper needs to run and re-direct build-output into json/log. Can this run in parallel on sub-projects and then be merged into one json for sonar-scanner ? Would be nice enhancement.

Hi @PeterH,

I don’t see how that would be an improvement, build systems take care of multi modules build parallelization, the normal use-case is to wrap the build process with build-wrapper.

It is a serious limitation , that one json file should contain all input for sonar-scanner - be more flexible and allow multiple json files …

e.g. if build fails for whatever reason after 80%, then sonar requires 100% rerun, instead of just restarting the last 20%

Hi @PeterH,

in this thread you are writing parallel but I believe you mean incremental, isn’t it?

Yes, ability to append to existing run / json-files, so that e.g. sub-projects can be added to analysis run…

Hi @PeterH,

we are aware of such limitation which however can be covered by tools like ccache.