Build Breaker Redundancy?

We have the SonarCloud pipeline setup in ADO on each applicable project. In addition, we have “Check Quality Gate Status” on the release pipelines.

If we want to prevent a release if a quality gate fails until it’s resolved, is it also necessary to have the Build Breaker plugin/step running on the pipeline, or is that redundant with the “Check Quality Gate Status” on the release pipeline?

Hi @kyletk

It really depends on the policy of your development process i would guess :

  • Build breaker plugin, as its name, will fail the build pipeline is anything went wrong with your quality gate, this gives you a maybe faster feedback loop on your development
  • Check Quality Gate on the release is really the last step before deploying, if you don’t want your build to be failed on a specific QG status.

The one overlaps a bit the other, so depending on what you want, they are not needed together.


So to be clear - if we did not use the build breaker, but used the check quality gate on the release, it would still prevent the release pipeline from completing if the QG fails? So is it really just a matter of when we want to fail a pipeline due to issues detected?

That’s exact, yes.

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