Bugs and Vulnerability count is not visible for some users - SonarQube Developer Edition 9.4

Must-share information (formatted with [Markdown]
which versions are you using
→ SonarQube Developer Edition-9.4

what are you trying to achieve
→ Some Users not able to view the bugs and vulnerability count for projects in sonar dashboard, although it’s working for other users.

what have you tried so far to achieve this
→ We tried to clear browser cache and login in browser incognito mode but still user not able to see the count. We checked the permission and access & it’s same for all users

User also tried below log out and log in page again but getting below error in browser developer tool.
GET https://sonarqube/api/navigation/global net::ERR_ABORTED 401
(anonymous) @ VM11:1
submit @ request.ts:114
vtn @ index.ts:82
(anonymous) @ index.ts:48
(anonymous) @ index.ts:47
(anonymous) @ index.ts:122

What do they see? Sharing a screenshot would be a great first step.

Hi Colin,

Thanks for your reply,
I have attached two screenshots here you can see in 1st image one user can see the count but on another image another user can’t see the bugs and vulnerability count on home page.

Although as i mentioned the url and user rights are same for both users.


My first recommendation would be upgrading to SonarQube v9.6 – SonarQube v9.4 is now two versions old (and not an LTS version), and we should troubleshoot on a supported version of SonarQube

Hi Collin,

Thanks for your reply but as i mentioned some users are not able to view the count whereas its working fine for other users for the same SonarQube instance v9.4 DE

We tried to clear browser cache, login in private mode and restart sonar service on server but still getting the same issue.

Although we are upgrading with v9.5 DE

Thanks in advance for any help.