Bug in Rule .net Generic event handlers should be used (csharpsquid:S3908)

I have a Private Repo in Github and get a violations for the Rule
Generic event handlers should be used (csharpsquid:S3908)

Why this Violation occurs?

Hi @V-Kling, welcome to the community and thanks for reporting this issue.

I have been trying to reproduce locally this issue with a minimal but complete example, using the latest version of the scanner. However, I couldn’t raise the violation.

Following your example, I have defined an empty class EmtpyEventArgs and used it like so:

class Repro_S3908
    event EventHandler<EmptyEventArgs> NewConfigurationsLoaded; // <- This doesn't raise the issue

    class EmptyEventArgs : EventArgs { }

What version of the Scanner for .NET are you using?
Would you confirm that you are running against SonarCloud?
If you are running against a SonarQube instance, what is the version of SonarQube?
Would you confirm that the EventHandler class in your code correctly refers to System.EventHandler<TEventArgs>?


Thank you for the response:
we use SonarCloud with the SonarScanner 5.13.0
I can confirm that the Eventhandler refers to class System.EventHandler<TEventArgs>