Bug in project binding with SLE 3.6

(Gilbert Rebhan) #1

using Eclipse 4.8.0, SonarLint Eclipse, Sonarqube 7.3, Win 7
There is a bug when creating a project binding.
i.e. the projectname is de.foo.bar - Foobar, the projectkey is de.foo.bar:Foobar
When typing withing the “Bind Eclipse projects to sonarqube projects” dialog the live filter shows the relevant projectnames that are found.
The popup window on the right shows the choosen projectname
with its projectkey from the proposal that has the focus.
Now if you simply use the Enter key on the first entry or arrow down and Enter, it will use the projectname instead of the projectkey which results in (see Console /SonarLint Console):
GET 404 https://sonar/api/qualityprofiles/search.protobuf?projectKey=de.foo.bar+-+Foobar | time=91ms
as the api call must use the projectkey as parameter but not the projectname.
This is annoying as most developers prefer the keyboard over mouse clicking.
Workaround: use mouse with double click instead = the projectkey is used.


(Gilbert Rebhan) #2

this is no problem anymore with SLE 4.0.0, as the project binding mechanism has changed.