Branch keeps on processing

ALM: GitHub
CI system: Circle CI
Languages: javascript/nodejs

Master branch analysis (private repo) has been stuck in “Analysis in progress, this can take up to 30 minutes” for over 3 hours now. It shows the banner at the top of the page.

The strange thing is that any other branch (except the branch that is stuck) shows " The last analysis has failed. More details available on the Background Tasks page" message which leads me to believe this is actually the problem with the branch that’s stuck.

When looking at the Background Tasks page there indeed is one error which is nothing more than “Failed to create temp directory” …

Anyone know how to get this repo back on track and running analysis?

Welcome to the community!

This looks related to an incident we had on Thursday. The incident has long been resolved, so your analyses should be back on track now. Let us know if otherwise!

As for the “Analysis in progress…” message, eventually it should disappear, so that must be gone by now as well. Again, let us know if otherwise!

Hey Janos,

Thanks for the reply, the message is not gone yet. Can I somehow trigger another manual analysis of how would I proceed getting the analysis done on master now?

Hey Chris,

Hm that it must be a different message from the one I had in mind.

If you trigger a new analysis (from your build pipeline, or by a new commit), that should succeed, and make the message go away.

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