Brain over load issue

Im analysed my c and c++ code using sonarqube developer edition,brain overload and cognitive complexity issue shown after the analysis,What is the meaning of brain overload and cognitive complexity.

Hey there.

“Brain overload” is another way of saying “there is too much to keep in your head at one time.”

Cognitive Complexity is a great example – when a function gets too complex, it’s difficult to keep track of all the things that it’s doing (and what effect there will be from changing one part of a function, method or class on another part).

Brain overload is specific part of code is not able to analyze sonarqube correct?

This one is our source code mistake or sonarqube not able to analyse?

It means SonarQube has identified an issue that makes it difficult for a human to understand what’s going on in your code – and with some refactoring, could be easier for a human to understand.

This one for our side code issue or sonarqube?