Bitbucket Enterprise Pull Request Decoration

We’d like to see Bitbucket Enterprise support for Pull Request Decoration. That feature is the only compelling feature for us for version 7.x, and it complements the only compelling feature for us in the commercial versions, pull request support.

Same here. We are not using Sonar for now, but this feature would litteraly make us buy commercial edition instantly.

We’re evaluating the Developer edition now, and while disappointed Bitbucket is not already officially supported, at least there is a plugin on the Bitbucket side. We’ll also be evaluating that, but would prefer official support in SonarQube, certainly.

We are also waiting for this feature, already have both running and integration would be very nice.

We also want to have this feature

Hello all,
Is there any news about this new feature request?

We are using Sonar (open source) since 6 years and we would like to buy a developer license to manage branches in Sonar like we are doing with Git.
All our Git repos are hosted on Bitbucket server and this PR decoration feature is blocker to buy the developer license.
Can you give us an ETA for this feature?
Bruno, release manager at ForgeRock

Hi Bruno!

First, please stay tuned…very, very soon for BB Server! :smile:

Second, thank you very much for 6 years of product usage - we’re thrilled that it has been by your side for all this time!



Hi Bruno,

and… here you are :slight_smile:, with version 7.7 of SonarQube just released!



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