BitBucket Cloud PR decoration: Security Hotspot link and report not working

  • SonarQube docker image 8.9, Bitbucket Cloud
  • Sonarqube Security Hostpot item shows up in Bitbucket PR decoration, and list of items in report, but link does not navigate to hotspot, and Sonarqube report in PR does not accurately count security hotspot item.
    steps to reproduce:
  1. Create project in bitbucket, configure sonarqube server integrations for analysis and PR decoration, and baseline main branch.
  2. create feature branch and add a change that introduces a SonarQube Security Hotspot finding (my particular finding was the use of System.Random to generate a random number in a .net 4.8 project)
  3. Create PR and trigger sonarqube analysis, observe decoration of the Pull Request.

    Expected to go to security_hotspots url: