Bitbucket build status not being updated after analysis

(Kevin Clark) #1

I’m using SonarCloud with Bitbucket Pipelines, using the latest SonarCloud “pipe” to run the analysis step. The issue I’m having is that we never get a build status update from SonarCloud after analysis, I always see “1 of 1 passed” (i.e. the build itself), never “2 of 2 passed” (the build + sonar).

I’ve tried deleting the project from SonarCloud and re-importing it and I’ve tried uninstalling the Bitbucket SonarCloud plugin from the Bitbucket side and reinstalling it with no success. I’ve seen this feature working a few months ago but I may have been using the 3rd party plugin from Mibex Software at the time…

Our SonarCloud organisation is “jucygroup” and the project key I’m looking at is “jucygroup_jucy-integrations”.

(Michal Duda) #2

Hi Kevin,
Can you share the analysis log from Bitbucket Pipelines pipe step and bitbucket-pipelines.yml content (feel free to anonymize anything you don’t feel comfortable posting)?

Also, if the build status wasn’t updated you should see a warning in SonarCloud UI on the branch/PR you tried to analyse. If it is displayed, can you paste the content of the warning?