Bitbucket auth workspace scope missing

A few days ago, I created an organizations (“XXX”) with an account linked with bitbucket authentification to my corp bitbucket, workspace “xxx”. I put a credit card, I configure bitbucket pipeline on 2 privates projects without worries ( and,

But now when I’m logged in with “bitbucket authentification”, with same account, my projects are gone and I think the issue is that wrong workspace (my default personnal bitbucket workspace) is selected automatically instead of my corp bitbucket workspace “charvet” (and no way to change workspace), so I can’t access anymore to my project or billing, it’s now an empty account but with same login and authentification so I don’t know what to do to retrieve my private project inside organization “XXX”,

I already try to delete “sonarcloud apps authorization” inside bitbucket but without any changes,

Thanks for your help,



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If you click on your user avatar in the top right, do you see all the organizations? It’s likely your default organization is not the one you’re expecting and the projects you’re looking for are in another organization.


Thanks for your reply,

Inside it tells me i’m not being member of any organization at all (but organization ‘XXX’ exist, if I try to re-link bitbucket project to my account it’s blocked because project are already linked… but to an account that i’m not able to visit),

And I have a credit card link to previous account, so it’s bad,

Thanks for your help (I try sonarcloud support but it tell me to use this forum),



Thanks for the detail. I’ve flagged this for the team.