Binding of sonarcloud organization to bitbucket team fails

Steps to reproduce:

  • Login to sonarcloud (with bitbucket)
  • Select organisation
  • Go to Organisation settings
  • Select “Choose the team on Bitbucket”
  • Select team you wish to link
  • Gives you 405 error

This might be caused by what seams to be hard coded clientKey=ari that is passed to bitbucket on request.

I just gave it a try, and I could successfully bind on org to Bitbucket. If you retry, do you get the same error? If you get the same error, could you give me the exact time you tried to bind your org? (and if possible the key of the org - if it’s not a sensitive information).

I am sorry for digging up this issue but i hvae the same problem when trying to integrate sonarcloud with bitbucket team using

i get:
Using Safari also i have enabled 2FA on bitbucket maybe this is an issue?