Best way to fix a typo in the documentation

Hi -

I noticed what may be a typo in the “Admin/Narrowing the Focus” section [1]

I believe this:
The entries in the list are simple paths, wildcards (*, **, and ?, are not allowed).

Should read as
The entries in the list are simple paths, wildcards (*, **, and ?) are not allowed.

with the closing paren adjusted so that “wildcards are not allowed”

I was hoping to find docs on github and submit a PR but it doesn’t seem like they are hosted there.

What’s the best way to submit a bug on this?

[1] Narrowing the Focus | SonarQube Docs

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Welcome to the community!

Great find! And thanks for being willing to roll up your sleeves. The source for the docs actually is in GitHub currently, although we’re about to move it to another system, so it’s not worth digging it up at this point. So unfortunately, this is the best way to get it handled. I’ll ping the docs team.


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Hi @newtondino, yea, you are correct. Thanks for pointing this out.
We recently did a major rewrite of that page and during it’s integration into the SonarCloud docs, I saw it too. Hope it didn’t confuse your work.

In SonarCloud, we will rephrase it to say “The entries in the list are simple paths, not wildcard patterns.” SonarQube uses more technical language and we will write it as you suggested.

I will create a ticket on it because there are other improvements we should make before migration to the new CMS.

Thanks again!

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