Best practise for solution file with about a 100 projects

We have just started using SonarQube (version: and the SonarLint extension in Visual Studio.

But are still struggling with the setup.

We currently have 1 large solution file containing about 100 projects.

In SonarQube, we created 1 project and linked the complete solution to it.

But we would like to distinguish between new projects and old(legacy) projects in our solution file and apply different rulesets (Quality profiles?) on this basis.

In SonarQube, we have linked the standard “Sonar Way” profile to the project. Here we can also create a custom profile, but can we do that per C# project? In Visual Studio, we can link a customer ruleset to the different projects, but we doubt that is the right way?

Are there any best practices?

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Hi @PVO,

Thanks for your question and welcome to our community!

We do not have a way to specify quality profiles per dotnet project. One possible way would be to organize the dotnet projects in multiple solutions and analyze the solutions as different sonar qube projects.

I would not recommend that though. Our recommended approach would be to use Clean as you code.


Hi Costin,

Thanks for your response!

We don’t want to spend too much time on old projects (legacy/obsolete). Hence the idea of working with different quality profiles.

I understand that it is not possible and had also looked at the solution of using multiple solutions as different sonar qube projects. But that doesn’t seem like the right way either.

In the meantime, we use different rulesets which we have linked to the dotnet projects in Visual Studio. SonarLint seems to be picking this up well, so we no longer get a huge list of alerts for the old/obsolete projects.

I prefer to follow the recommended approach, so will take another look at the Clean as you code principle.

Thanks again for your response!


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