Basic analysis general file types (track loc, duplicates, ...)

I’m working on a Qt project with lots of QML files. For this, there is no specific plugin, however, I’d still like to be able to track some basic metrics that are independent of the language.

I’m looking for a way to track the number of lines in general files, blame information, possibly also code duplicates. Is this possible without writing a custom plugin for each specific file type?

SonarQube 6.7.6 LTS
Scanner 3.3


Sorry, it’s not. However, it could be that you could cover all your file types with a single plugin, depending on their commonalities.


Hi Ann,

Thank you for your quick reply. So, I’d have to write a plugin and handle counting lines and finding duplicates myself? It’s worth a try.


Hi kpopv,

Yes, you’d need to write the plugin. Feel free to come back in the Plugin Development category if you have specific questions about the process. Also, feel free to take a look at how the other open-source analyzers do it. SonarXML might be a good place to start…

Good luck!