Backup the prodcution server

I want to backup the postgres datbase of production server.

my question is do we need to shut the server while backing up the database?
we will frequently backup the database, so do we need to shut down the sonarqube server while backing up


Welcome to the community & thanks for asking!

Currently, yes you do need to shut the server down to back up the database. Aaand we’re working on that right now, so this should get better soon*


* For some definition of “soon”. :smile:

Hi Ann

Thanks for replying, but what if the server is not shutdown, because we are not planning to take it out daily basis and its not good to stop everyday?

If we use enterprise version,willl that help?


If the server isn’t shut down during backup you risk having a backup that won’t work correctly once you restore it. This has to do with PK sequences, I believe.



what if we takev the backup when no one using it. lets say early hrs non working day

Im just finding a way to not shut down the service