Backup and restore in sonarqube postgresql

i take backup from first ubuntu server sonarqube using postgresql data and psql(psql -U postgres -h localhost -d postgres > sonar.sql) command , then i take that backup i restored into second ubuntu server sonarqube using postgresql database and psql((psql -U postgres -h localhost -d postgres < sonar.sql) command. when i use pgadmin to see if everything is correct in my backup file, it has all the users and backup files from the first sonarqube. but it doesnt have appeared in second ubuntu server sonarqube. what could be wrong? tell me the solution of this issue. is there any issue in file?. may i change somathing?

I don’t understand what you mean here. Can you go into more detail? Perhaps sharing screenshots of what’s not right in the “second ubuntu server sonarqube”