BackGround Tasks always shows same person

I am currently using SonarQube community edition 9-xxx as self managed. I installed it on a server and our team is using it. Also we are using GitLab self managed and GitLab CI/CD so we integrated SonarQube with out GitLab instance. So our team members can access SonarQube by using their GitLab credentials.

In the background tasks tab it always seem like I executed analysis even other users committed in GitLab. I want to make seem whoever triggered analysis, his/her user name should be shown on Backgroud Tasks tab.

While registering application to gitlab we used my GitLab account and my Gitlab user token(which is not admin, its ordinary GitLab user). Is it related with this or is there something else?


I get why you would want to do this, but it’s just not possible on a practical level. Best practice is to have your CI/CD trigger [build &] analysis automatically on each commit. That necessarily requires a technical user configured at the CI/CD level.