Backdating issue creation is great.... but what about when an issue was first *detected*?

Issue Backdating is great – old issues aren’t raised as new just because an analyzer got updated.

…and, I also think it’s pretty surprising when you find an issue raised on Overall Code that wasn’t there before and it’s backdated to a long time ago.

Why do I bring this up? Because today, SonarQube has a C Reliability and a C Security Rating and I’m pretty sure these are new.

But the only clue I have is that it was “created” in March 2021.

  • Have we just been ignoring this vulnerability for a year and a half?
  • Why has the team not even so much as commented on it if it has been there for a year and a half?
  • Have I gone crazy and not noticed this for a year and a half? Where am I and where did my socks go?

No, most likely the issue was first detected this week.

It could be useful in the issue changelog (or as another field attached to the issue) to have an “issue first detected” date, alongside the “issue creation date”.


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