Back up quality and import it

I start SonarQube through docker. The version: sonarqube:7.9-community
I created a custom quality profile. If I delete a container and create a new one, this profile with rules will be removed.
The goal is to save this profile and import it when a new container will be created.

It can be done manually: back up and restore.

If I back up a profile manually, save this file.
And when creating a new container through docker, can I configure creating with this profile instantly
(without doing it manually)?


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At a guess, you haven’t configured a database to connect your instance to so SonarQube falls back to the embedded, H2 DB. When you shut down your instance and spin up a new one, a new H2 DB is created. You can solve this by configuring a connection to an external DB. The docs should help.