AzureDevOps PAT not Working

We are having issues with Pull Request Decoration and Status Policy

SonarQube Version 7.9
AzureDevOps 2019 Self Hosted
SonarScanner for AzureDevops Latest?

We just recently upgraded our self hosted install of SonarQube from v6 to v7.9 and I am trying to set up Pull request decoration and Status Policy. We have a PAT set up with Project Collection Administrator Permissions and Code Read and Write selected

Yet We see the following in the background tasks

Pipelines Yaml:
- task: SonarQubePrepare@4
displayName: Configuring Sonar Scan
SonarQube: ‘Uline_Sonar’
scannerMode: ‘MSBuild’
projectKey: $(Build.Repository.Name)
extraProperties: |
sonar.exclusions=**/bin/, **/obj/, ${{ parameters.sonarExclusions }}
- task: SonarQubeAnalyze@4
- task: SonarQubePublish@4
displayName: Sonar Scan Complete, Publishing results to SonarQube
pollingTimeoutSec: ‘3000’

The following is in the SQ logs if it helps
Failed to decorate Azure DevOps Pull Request: API resource location 225f7195-f9c7-4d14-ab28-a83f7ff77e1f is not registered on ULINE - Shipping Boxes, Shipping Supplies, Packaging Materials, Packing Supplies. HTTP 401 Unauthorized