Azure Portal recommendation on index for SonarQube Enterprise 9.9 LTS

Hello Team,
We are using SonarQube Enterprise 9.9 LTS version and hosted on AKS and Azure SQL as backend database. Now we are observing performance recommendations in Azure portal for creation indexes for few columns.
Can you please help us with the recommendations.

  • What is the impact of creating indexes?

  • Does is has any effect on future upgrades?

Can you please advice what is the best approach to follow.

Please find the below screenshot.

SonarQube: 9.9 LTS
Database: Azure SQL
Hosting platform: AKS


Hey there.

You should not modify the schema of the SonarQube database – doing so is not tested and can cause future upgrades to fail (for example: if the upgrade tries to remove a column that is used in the index).

If you face any concrete performance issues using SonarQube – feel free to report those. Otherwise, these recommendations can be ignored.