Azure Devops PR integration sends Mails again


when we have a PR, the integration adds issues to the PR. It also sends a mail for each issue added. Great!

But when we run the build again (without fixing the issue), the same mail is sent again. This is kind of annoying. I have noticed that SQ removes the existing issues and adds them again, therefore the mail is sent again.

Can I/You change this behavior?

SonarQube Enterprise Edition Version 9.9.1 (build 69595)

I personally would prefer when the issues are not deleted at all (even when fixed). SQ could close them, but again it would be OK for me to close it myself. This way I could discuss below the issues with colleagues and SQ would not delete the discussion.

Is this mail being sent by SonarQube, or by Azure DevOps?

By azure. Because SQ added an issue. The same issue it added last time.