Azure DevOps PR decoration undocumented behavior?


Does anyone made further tests in its side and see any improvement on the comment deletion consistency ?



Hello @mickaelcaro,

I did some tests on a few or our PRs and SonarCloud is cleaning up it’s comments like we expect.
So, our issue is solved!


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@mickaelcaro I also haven’t noticed anything not being cleaned up in the last week or so. So I think we have definitely seen an improvement.


Thank you !

Hey Team, since this issue is talking about PR decoration with comments being deleted. I wanted to add that this also effects monorepo types where one PR can have multiple sonar projects.

The current behavior wipes out all of the comments from SonarQube as a whole and not just the comments for the same SonarQube project.

Looks like this would resolve this undesired behavior.

Though it would be nice if we did leave the current/default “delete original comment” behavior, the decorator would only remove comments for the specific sonarQube project.


Did anyone ever figure out the first point listed in the original post:

“On a large pull request there were 20 comments generated by SonarCloud, but when we navigated to the SonarCloud PR analysis page there were actually 75 issues found. And every PR build it would add a few new comments to the PR… Is there some undocumented max limit on the number of comments it can post on a PR?”

We have this exact same behavior and it’s very frustrating that it silently only adds 20 comments regardless of how many there actually are. Even if it only added 20 but then a “summary” comment that said the rest are viewable in SQ for example.