AWS Codebuild Image Support


Currently, a lot of projects that we develop have multiple CI dependencies, as SonarQube analysis is an independent task, and our CI Builds run on AWS CodeBuild.

I know that we have a Github action for Sonar Analysis and is an automated solution to my use case, but that solution will have two platforms to set up monitoring and will be a hassle to context switch between Codebuild and Github.

I am wondering if we can have a lean container/Image deployed to Amazon ECR which contains the Sonar Scanner and analysis tools for common/vastly used languages like TS,JS, Python,Java etc, so that Sonar Analysis can be run on Codebuild too.

This will greatly reduce the additional configuration required to maintain separate Webhooks to trigger CI as well as Sonar Analysis on a single repo.

I have gone through similar topics and I do not wish to have a SonarQube Instance connected to Codebuild, I am asking if a custom codebuild docker image that will eliminate the need of setting up SonarQube on an ec2 instance.

Would love to discuss in-depth, if anyone notices and considers this feature helpful.

Thanks & Regards,