Avoid stale links

Many rules pages have links to third-party sites, which are subject to movement not under Sonar’s control, leading to stale links (see Stale link in java:S2111 rule description for instance).

I’d like to suggest ways to address this:

  1. The SQ web portal page could auto-detect these cases and send a report to Sonar. Or Sonar could just maintain a list and have a spider periodically check it.

  2. Make the links go to Sonar, which then has a link to the third-party site, so Sonar can maintain the forwarding link at their end and keep it up to date.

Of course, this then adds load to Sonar’s servers, so an alternate is:

  1. Keep the forwarding links in a list maintained on the user’s SQ server, such as in the conf or web directory, and provide a simple mechanism for pulling the latest from Sonar. This would be faster and less disruptive than requiring a SQ upgrade to fix the problem.