Autoscan failing

Hey guys, my autoscan is failing.

  • Github
  • Autoscan
  • c#
  • Error observed
    Analysis failed: AXDWESgTnFAHxAcHiL2w
  • Steps to reproduce
    Commit anything to my project

Hello Jvenema,

Firstly, welcome to the community!

Could you give us the name of your project key please?

Thanks a lot.

apexchat_apexchat.main I think?

We looked at your project.

There are 2 things:

  • you mentioned your project is a C# but Autoscan does not support C# (check do you want to use Autoscan to analyse the other files Autoscan would analyse?
  • it seems we have an issue in our JS analyser which is BTW widely used without any issue most of the time

We will investigate the second issue, because we think the analysis should fail.