Autoanalysis not working


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Welcome to the community, and sorry for the late answer!

Thanks for reporting this, and the link to the project whose analysis fails. I can see that it fails consistently in the Autoscan environment. Unfortunately I don’t know why, and I’m not able to reproduce it in a local environment, yet, which makes it very difficult to tackle… I will circle back, dig deeper, and keep you posted.

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Sorry for the late follow-up, I hope better late than never.

The most likely cause of the failure is that Autoscan ran out of memory. In recent weeks, we have increased the memory available to the process, and possibly partly thanks to other improvements in our analyzers, so as of today this project should be analyzable without running out of memory.

In any case, on closer look at the project, we don’t actually recommend using Autoscan, because the project consists mostly of languages that are not suitable for analysis by Autoscan. We recommend using a CI system with this kind of projects. For more details, please visit Administration / Analysis Method of the project on SonarCloud.