Authentication Microsoft LDAP

The situation

Hello everyone, I am trying to delegate the SonarQube authentication to our “company centralized Office 365 accounts”, as they told me.

The problem

I don’t know how to do it.

What I did

I already read Delegate Authentication, but i can’t figure out what URL should I put in ldap.url.

Browsing the web, seems to me the guide for the problem should be this: Azure AD SSO integration with SonarQube, but in the prerequisites there’s this “SonarQube single sign-on (SSO) enabled subscription” I don’t really know about. (I can’t see any subscription on the offical website, only 4 download versions)

Even ignoring this and proceding through the guide I stop again almost immediately at point 3 of “Add SonarQube from the gallery” because neither to me or to the admin is present a “Enterprise Applications” option.

What I have

  • Windows Server 2016 Standard
  • SonarQube Community Edition 9.6.1
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019
  • OpenJDK 11


From what I can tell, Office 365 is not meant to be delegated to. All my searches to even find a starting point (I was expecting SAML to be the answer) only return results about Office 365 doing the delegating to some other system that manages user accounts and authentication.

Perhaps you can go back to the people who’ve charged you with doing this and have them give you some pointers about how they expect it to be accomplished?