Are nightly builds of SonarLint/Eclipse available?

We run automated tests on our product nightly. For some reason, the powers-that-be want us to run these tests using a nightly build of SonarLint/Eclipse rather than the latest release.

Is there a URL available we can use to get the latest nightly build?

Hi @EarlB

We don’t have a publicly available p2 repository with nightly builds. But in general sprints on SonarLint Eclipse are quite short (2-3 weeks long) and a release is done at the end. So using the latest release is good enough in most case. What kind of issue are you expecting to catch by testing against dev version? Are you integrating closely with SonarLint to the point you fear some breaking changes?
Maybe it would be simpler to contribute more integration tests to our QA directly, to ensure the feature/api you rely on are not unintentionally changed.

Thank you for the response. I would suspect using the release should be sufficient. I’ll bring that up with the proper authorities… :slight_smile:

What URL can we use to get the latest release?




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Thank you for your reply, but this is not quite what I was looking for. From Julien’s reply to my original message:

To me, this implies that there is a release at the end of each sprint. I was hoping to get a URL where that release could be found.


Hi Julien,

Is there actually a release at the end of each sprint? If so, is there a URL where I can download those?


Hi Earl,

after all you may build it yourself !?
When asking for nightly builds you might even be interested to contribute to sonarlint-eclipse.