API provides no way to update a users login

It appears that for all versions of the sonarqube web api there is no way to update a users login/username. This is necessary if a users login is based on their full name and said users name changes in the event they get married or something of a similar nature.

I attempted to work around this by delete a user and recreating them with their permissions however I was stopped in my tracks when I realized I had no way to preserve a users api tokens.

It would be very helpful if we could change users logins via the webapi :).

The name can be changed with the web service POST api/users/update?login=xxx&name=yyy. I confirm that the login is immutable.
As mentioned by Colin, the tokens can not be retrieved for security reasons.

So the following scenario might highlight our issue more.

John.does account on sq is managed by a 3rd party. John does name is changed to john Smith. In the third party tool john does login is now john.smith. when using sq john will try to login as john.smith which will fail.

John might potentially have a significant amount of api keys. So it is a major hassle to reprovision his account. Ideally we could use the web api to update his login.

Is there any way that the login can be updated? (BUMP)

As Simon already said:

Login can not be updated.

Certainly understand that, I guess what Im getting at is can the API be updated so that the login can be updated?