Another Org unable to disconnect organization from Azure DevOps

As part of a proof-of-concept, I created a SonarCloud org (on a trial account) and connected it to our ADO organisation (using my personal identity in ADO).

Now, we want to “make this real,” and associate a new SonarCloud org (on a paid account) with our ADO organisation (with the connector not associated with my personal identity in ADO).

I’ve deleted the old SonarCloud account, and the SonarCloud org, and I’ve deleted the existing Service Connection from ADO, but the owner of the new ADO account can’t create a new connection to a new SonarCloud paid account.

From the topic history, it looks like this is something the user CANNOT resolve themselves? How, then, shall we proceed?

What error do they get?

This one:

As noted, I’ve deleted both the referenced SonarCloud org, and the user account I used to create it, as well as the ADO Service Connector I’d created.

I’ve sent you a private message to collect additional details.

So…after sending me a PM, and receiving my reply, it seems I’ve been ghosted by Colin.

Is there anyone else on the SonarSource team who can help with this issue?