Announcing the next big step of static code analysis at SonarSource

Hi SonarQube users,

After long months of market survey, it is our pleasure to announce the next big step of static code analysis at SonarSource: we will analyze the Shakespeare Programming Language .

Up to now, we restricted ourselves to detecting trivial bugs like null pointer exceptions or unused variables. We shall go beyond such frivolities and prevent death itself .

Due to the incompetence of their author, each execution of Shakespeare programs finishes in a bloodshed. Despite the testimonies of millions of users/spectators, this technical debt has not been fixed for 400 years! With the new SonarShakespeare analyser, we will fix this bloody leak and save thousands of lives.

I present to you our first rule, rule Shak001:"Characters should not kill each other”

This rule analyses the “dramatis personae” section of a program and detects dangerous pairing of characters. Using a patented machine learning algorithm called “basicCulture”, rule Shak001 is able to predict the outcome of these regrettable bugs and provides a clear message explaining how to fix them.

We believe this to be a revolution for the growing business of Dramaturgy Programming!

However this was not enough for our intrepid engineers, we decided to add a second rule: Rule Shak002: “You should not plagiarize”.

This rule goes beyond the concept of duplication: it detects copyright infringements. In the example above our rule detected some code from the famous software “Cyrano de Bergerac” . Yet another program outsourced to France or Switzerland, where some developer copy pasted code from “TheatreOverflow”. (Note: most of our developers live in France and Switzerland)

The first version of our SonarShakespeare analyzer has been released today, 1st of April 2019, and we already count thousands of satisfied customers.

Have a delightful day!



Hope they didn’t use static code analysis for the script of the final GOT season :thinking:


For bloodbath or plagiarism, or both :wink: ?

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Think of Tarantino :sunglasses: without blood and plagiarism or perhaps rather (movie) quotes :nerd_face: