Android Plugin Status

Similar to my PMD question, is the “Android” plugin being actively maintained and updated? It does not seem so. The link from the compatibility matrix to github does not look like it is even pointing to the original project. Its pointing at a fork.

I’d like to upgrade to V 7.3, but the Android plugin is not compatible.

Is this the best place to ask these kinds of questions? If not please let me know the appropriate place.


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Turns out I know the plugin owner - small world - and am talking to him…stay tuned. :slight_smile:

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Yes here is the appropriate place to ask anything about SonarSource products :slight_smile:

I guess you figured out that the Android plugin is now a Community plugin, we maintained it for a while but not anymore.
Then yes it might be possible that it is not compatible with SQ 7.3

I hope this helps.


@Jeff_Mathers Did you get any updates from the plugin owner? And who is the plugin owner?

The forked Github project that is linked from the compatibility matrix is updated much more recently than the project it was forked from, but it also contains comments that it is no longer being maintained (and hasn’t seen any updates for 2 years).

@Antoine What does “Community plugin” entail? Is there still some officially recognized maintainer, or does it mean that anyone could upload an updated version?

I’m also looking to upgrade to a more recent version, and the Android plugin is one of those that is holding me back. Also, from looking at the source code and Github issues, it is quite outdated and doesn’t cover all the rules that Android Lint might report, and appears to have some bugs.
I’d be happy to help maintaining it if I may.