Analyzing partial project

Hi all.

I am thinking about this situation:

The very first day we scan a project with eight sources. The next day we scan two sources (only the modified).

In this case, it seems that SonarQube assumes that the other six sources are removed from project. Is there any way to change this behaviour without analyzing the other sources again?.

Thank you.

Hey there.

A full analysis of your sources needs to be done each time, not just the ones modified. Out of curiosity, what’s the language in question here?

Hi, Colin.

Its for a custom plugin, built by myself for Fujitsu Cobol. Some sources take minutes to parse and we want to save analysis time.

We have seen that it’s possible to query the last analisys issues and measures (via Rest API) and apply them to the running one. All inside the plugin scanner.

Thank you, Colin