Analyze Frontend and Backend in two different Projects

We’re using SonarCloud for a project that uses an ASP.NET Core (3.1) backend and a Vue.js frontend.
In the past we had the frontend and backend in the same project, with the frontend under the ClientApp folder.

When creating the project in the Azure DevOps pipeline, the SonarCloud Extension analyzed the backend and the frontend as expected.

Due to a change in the tools used, we had to outsource the frontend to a separate project.
The project is in the same solution as the backend project.
For the frontend we use the new *.esproj project.
The build is still done in the same pipeline (the frontend is created during the backend’s publish task and copied to the wwwroot folder).

Unfortunately with this combination the SonarCloud Extension only parses the backend code and ignores the frontend and I couldn’t find a way to change that.

Is there a possibility that backend and frontend are analyzed again in this constellation?

Hey there.

.esproj files are not yet supported by the Scanner for .NET.

Since this project only contains frontend code, you could analyze that code as a separate project with the standalone scanner (this is what it’s called in the Azure DevOps task, the SonarScanner CLI) and analyze as a monorepo.

I’ll flag this thread for attention to see if there’s another workaround, and to signal traction for supporting the .esproj project type.

Thanks, the solution with the additional manual analysis works.
But it creates additional time overhead in the pipeline and, of course, the original combined analysis was more efficient.
I’ll leave that as a workaround and hope that the new project types will be supported soon.
Can you maybe give a time estimate?

Hi Michael

Thanks for the feedback. Esproj support is currently under consideration, I’m afraid I can’t give you a time estimate at the moment.