Analysis result export function

Hi,This is a question on the MainBranch Issues screen.
Is there a function to export vulnerability and bug analysis results to CSV or Excel?


I’ve moved your topic to the Product Manager for a Day category since this doesn’t exist in SonarCloud.

Would you mind sharing your use case?


thank you.
The use case was that I wanted to save the analysis results as a list in Excel and manage who made the changes and when.
However, if there is no export function, we will transfer the analysis results to Excel ourselves.
thank you very much.


If you are on Enterprise Edition of SonarQube or above, a regulatory report will provide a list of issues in csv format which might cover what you need.

We do not have this feature in SonarCloud today as Ann says. Extending SonarCloud reporting is something we are considering for the future. If you register interest here you will receive updates as we make progress.

Thank you for your question.

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