Alternative for Java runtime

We are using Sonarqube for TFS Agent and Java runtime as the prerequisite. Currently JAVA runtime is currently converted as Commercial license.
Can you help us with an alternative for the same.
We have tried using but the TFS agent didnt recognise it as a prerequsit. When we installed Java runtime it started working.
Do we need to do any additional step such as adding JDK path in environment variable e.t.c.,
We are currently using version 8 update 271 for JAVA

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i am a bit confused. are you talking about the missing java capability of the agent on this TFS node or are you talking about the setup of sonarqube on the same server as your TFS?

Thanks Tobias. To run sonarqube on TFS agent, we need Java runtime as prerequisite.Im looking for an alternative for Java runtime as it requires commercial license

We are running it with the free AdoptOpenJDK - Open Source, vorkonfigurierte OpenJDK Binärdateien, bute there are other free Java runtimes available like Azul

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Basically what @milbrandt said.

You can use any java environment you want. AdoptOpenJDK is in use by us a lot currently as it is free and open source. There is a old bug in the TFS/Azure Devops agent installation that you might want to be aware about. we documented it here.
As for additional steps that needs to be followed is that you need to make sure that the right java binary is available during the scan.

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