Allow users to sort on Project-Level Code View


(Kasimir Bobst) #1

In SonarQube 7.0+ in the project-level code view it would be nice to have the possibility to sort for things like Coverage, Lines of Code, Code Smells and so on. This would make it a lot easier to identify problematic components.

There is a way to somewhat reach this: In the “measures” view select coverage and then set the display mode to tree, which will show all components and sort them by coverage. However it would be much more intuitive and practical to have the functionality to sort for all criteria shown on the code view directly.


(Laura Wacrenier) #2


If you had the ability to click on the table header of the list of files to sort it, would it do the job for you? Because we have a ticket for that:


(Kasimir Bobst) #3

Hi Laura,

Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for, hadn’t seen the ticket.