Allow restoring Quality Profiles by using Changelog page


(Adam Gabryś) #1

SonarQube provides changelog for every Quality Profile. It is nice, because we can track changes:

Unfortunately, it is impossible to revert the changes in a simple way. We have to manually revert the operations or restore quality profiles from XML backups.

Could you add a button “revert to this version”? Or maybe there is somewhere the such mechanism?


(G Ann Campbell) #2

Hi Adam,

This is a good idea and 3 months ago I would have put a ticket in the backlog for it. However, we’re trying to get a better handle on how we manage the backlog and not create tickets we doubt will ever be implemented. To be explicit, I’m not sure this proposed feature is compelling enough to bubble to the top and actually get worked on. It’s valid and interesting, but I’m not sure about ROI (i.e. how often this would actually be used).

So… let’s see what, if any attention this gets from the community. I can always come back and create a ticket later.

Thanks for understanding.