Allow "re-apply" permission templates to projects matching regex

In our usecase we have about 200 projects, all of which have their permissions initially setup by a permission template. This permission template has some regexes to make new projects automatically get the righ permission template. This is mainly based on which client this project is for. Now when we want to update permission templates, we have to manually open each project and reapply a permission template.


  • From the permission template edit screen add a button “reapply matching projects” or similar. This would reapply the permission template to all projects matching the regex
  • For the default project have the same button, but it will only apply the default template to projects that do not match any custom permission template.

Alternatively or additionally:

  • Add an API endpoint that allow applying a permission template to a set of projects based on a regex.

I realize this will only work when you basically have at most one permission template per project, but it might be that is how most people are using it?


We have a script that uses the existing API to reapply permission templates to all projects, one project at a time. It doesn’t take long (~5 minutes for >2,000 projects). All our projects use the default template so it’s easier for us. :slightly_smiling_face:

Post your script here :wink:

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You can apply a permission template to multiple projects at once at Administration->Projects->Management.

You can search by full or partial project name or key, then Bulk Apply Permission Template

Can we close the feature request? :smiley:


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No, my feature request is different. Each permission template has a regex defined to apply it to certain porjects. I would like to use this regex to re-apply it when changes to the template were made.

The bulk feature is not useful because we typically have 1-to-1 mapping between project and template.

So the regex is there, so I like to benefit from that for existing projects and not only new ones.

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Should/Could we create a JIRA ticket?

This thread logs the request. :slightly_smiling_face: