Allow non-privileged users to see background task

If I understand correctly, currently only administrators can see the log of background tasks. It would be very helpful for regular users to see that as well. After a large scan, it can run for ~5 minutes, and it may be confusing - especially if somebody else happened to run the scan as well.

I can’t think of any reason, why it would be restricted - but if there are, maybe to have a configurable permission that can be turned on by the administrator.

Thank you for considering


I do support this idea. Not only to access the logs, but to check the queue status. Sometimes, there migh be several projects in the queue, so providing feedback to the user about the state can help to understand what happened.

Looks like this ideas raised some interest years ago, however, I could not find any item in the Feature Request.

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Any chance to create a new feature for this? :pray:


Thanks for your insights.
The information displayed on the background tasks logs is too confidential to be shown to regular users. If I understand your need, you want to provide feedback on when the project will be analyzed, is that it? Why do you want to show that? Is it just for acknowledgement or are there specific actions taken behind that?


I am looking at the data in the Background tasks log:

Status Task ID Submitter Submitted Started Finished Duration

I am sure some organizations will find reasons that this information is too confidential to be shown to regular users (although I can’t imagine which ones). So, to accommodate such unique situation, maybe provide an option to not show this data.

For most teams, this seems like an obvious need. As you can see, some tasks run for several minutes. It is painful to guess whether the job is still running - or maybe it failed and that’s why developer doesn’t see the results. And if it failed - why it failed. All these are common questions that shouldn’t require the involvement of administrator.

There is another reason to see the log. As you know, the analysis is run on the local copy. So, it might be that the fixes or the mistakes were not committed to the version control. If there is some mismatch between what Sonar reports and what a developer sees in the code, she can contact the person who ran the analysis to collaborate.

Frankly, for our 35-person team this need is so obvious, that we had to give some 10 senior developers admin privileges for this reason alone. Other than viewing the logs, they don’t perform any other administrative task.

Thank you

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In my case, allowing the developers to check the queue status would be enough so far. Then, if they need to figure out what was wrong, they can ping a SQ admin to get the content of the logs.

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Thanks for the clarifications.
Providing visibility for developers with the current state of the scan queue would be a good opportunity for Community and Developer Editions since parallel processing is available from Enterprise Edition.
We will store your need and monitor the traction around it. If we have more similar feedback it will be prioritized in the roadmap.



This is a really interesting feature in my case. Can’t tell how many times developers ask why the information is not already updated, so giving them the chance to take peek at the queue would be great.

I second that proposal, this would be a very helpful feature.