Allow non-privileged users to see background task

If I understand correctly, currently only administrators can see the log of background tasks. It would be very helpful for regular users to see that as well. After a large scan, it can run for ~5 minutes, and it may be confusing - especially if somebody else happened to run the scan as well.

I can’t think of any reason, why it would be restricted - but if there are, maybe to have a configurable permission that can be turned on by the administrator.

Thank you for considering


I do support this idea. Not only to access the logs, but to check the queue status. Sometimes, there migh be several projects in the queue, so providing feedback to the user about the state can help to understand what happened.

Looks like this ideas raised some interest years ago, however, I could not find any item in the Feature Request.

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Any chance to create a new feature for this? :pray: