All projects do not show up (on analyse new project)


There are some projects not visible when trying to add a new project… We were thinking that the project was too big for the 10USD/month plan, so we upgraded to the 75USD/month, but the project is still not possible to find…

Ex on those screenshots: the project “smala-admin-dashboard” does not appear in the selection of sonarcloud (even if other projects, such as the one inside the “backend microservices”, appear).

The project “smala-admin-dashboard” is a Javascript project

Thank you in advance,


Hello @Julien_Mazars, welcome to the community forum!

I am sorry for the inconvenience, we identified the issue and are currently working on a fix.
We will keep you updated.

The size of a project is only checked when launching an analysis for that project, not when importing a project. The analysis will fail when the total amount of lines of code exceeds your plan, until that happens you do not need to upgrade your plan.


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Thank you Tom for the quick answer.
Ok, please keep me updated when the fix is released!

Hi @Julien_Mazars,

We just released a fix. Could you try again?


Hi Tom,
It works well now, thank you!

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