All Autoscans on PRs fail

We have activated autoscan on a TypeScript and JS repo. All scans on pull requests fail.

analysis ID: "AXEWp8m_qxmAV7kiMgPQ
analysis ID: “AXEbef7_-msM19ZpInOl”
analysis ID: “AXEcnjmd82BhuplzU4QN”

Could you please help?

Hi @Vincent-FundApps and welcome to the community !

Do you have some date / time to give me for each analysis so i can check our logs ?

Thank you.

HI @mickaelcaro,

The latest occurrence of this is this one:
analysis ID: “AXEr6vutKq6kJ-wuTo94”.
The PR was sent at 15:23 BST

It seems to affect PRs created by users, but PRs generated by dependabot get analysed by SonarCloud

Hi @Vincent-FundApps,

Can you please confirm if the failing analyses come from private forks?

Hi @janos,

Yes these are PRs coming from the user’s fork.


Hello @janos
I’m reviving this thread as we’re still stuck on this.
PRs coming from forked branches are not being analysed.
Here are three latest examples:

Could you please help?

Hi again,

I’m afraid this looks like a bug at our side, and the fix is probably not exactly trivial. I raised a bug ticket, you can track it here:

It’s hard to tell when we’ll find time to fix it, feel free to ping us again here in 4-6 weeks.